Dear friends,
The period after Easter is the time when clergy normally thank their colleagues, church
officers and church members for their faithfulness and their contribution to the life of the
church during the past year. It’s always a slightly nerve-wracking process, because of the
danger of inadvertently forgetting to include someone’s name, and leaving them feeling
hurt, unappreciated or even mortally offended.

Two of my most notable predecessors as Vicars of Abergorlech were known respectively as
Dafis Tew (‘Fat Davies’) and Dafis Tenau (‘Thin Davies’). Dafis Tew was a substantial figure of
generous proportions. His greatest achievement was to build the church hall, where his
portrait still hung in the place of honour. He was remembered with affection as an open-
hearted man. Popular tradition (rightly or wrongly) was less kind to Dafis Tenau. He was
regarded as somewhat tight-fisted, which may have been the reason why he could afford to
buy a motor car at a time when many country clergy had to make do with a bike.
Dafis Tenau, however, was the one who solved the perennial problem of expressing thanks
without offending anyone. On every church occasion he would simply stand up, open his
arms expansively, and say “I thank you one and all!” People got so used to this that in the
end “I thank you one and all” became his alternative nickname. So, once again this year, I
shall follow the example of my slender Abergorlech predecessor, and say sincerely “I thank
you one and all”.

Bank standing order forms are at the back of the church (please contact our Treasurer, Mr
Nigel Roberts, for any further advice). The LMA Easter Vestry will be held on Zoom at 7pm
on 27 April. There will be a Christ Church Church Council Meeting on Zoom on 5 May at

We have received £250 from Morfa Lane Surgery as thanks for allowing them to use our
church car park during the pandemic. I have written to express our thanks. The Welsh
Armenians have also sent £150 towards Christ Church funds.

SERVICES: Sunday 25 April (Easter 3) 9.15am HOLY EUCHARIST in Christ Church (p.134);
11yb CYMUN BENDIGAID ar ZOOM (t.134); 5pm ZOOM EVENSONG; Wednesday 28 April
(St Mark transferred) 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST in Christ Church (p.134); Sunday 2 May
(SS Philip & James transferred) 9.15am FAMILY EUCHARIST in Christ Church; 5pm ZOOM
EVENSONG. Seats for services in church have to be pre-booked because of limitations
caused by social distancing. Please contact ROSEMARY BOWEN (English services) &
MALCOLM JONES (gwasanaethau Cymraeg) to ensure a place.

Canon Patrick

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