Dear friends,
The Reverend Eric Myrddin Grey, my predecessor as Rector of Brechfa, was one of the great
characters of the diocese. He had a cheerful sense of humour and a deep dislike of
parsonical posturing. On one occasion a Diocesan Clergy School in Aberystwyth was
addressed by a rather pompous cleric from the other side of Offa’s Dyke, who remarked
“Whenever I visit a house, I always knock three times on the door: in the name of the
Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”. Later in the day a group of Eric’s fellow clergy
were sitting in the common room when there was a single thunderous knock on the door. It
opened to reveal the Rector of Brechfa. “Unitarian!” he remarked with an enormous grin.
Today is Trinity Sunday, when we give thanks that the One God is Father, Son and Holy
Spirit. Complicated attempts to work out the relationship between the ‘Three in One and
One in Three’ have, on occasions, led to furious arguments among Christians. And yet there
is an essential rightness in the concept of one God who is the Father (source of everything
that is), the Son (who reveals the true nature of God’s loving-kindness by being born among
us as one of us) and the Holy Spirit (the breath of God inspiring us, comforting us and giving
us new life).
That description is, of course, no more than a rough sketch of the wonder of God as Trinity.
The relationship between the Three Persons in One God is a glorious mystery, though we
are aware that love is its essence. Interestingly, early Welsh Christians didn’t have any
problem in accepting this. Like their Irish contemporaries they were fascinated by the
Trinity. The earliest Welsh poem to survive in manuscript, written in the margin of a Latin
metrical Gospel, contains the lovely verse: ‘The one who made the wonder of the earth will
save us, has already saved us, it’s not too much hard work to praise the Trinity’. Which is
good advice for this Trinity Sunday.
The Reverend Kristie Godden-Griffiths, our curate, will be ordained priest on Saturday 26
June at St Davids Cathedral. Please keep Kristie and her family in your prayers over the
coming weeks
SERVICES: Sunday 30 May (Trinity Sunday) 9.15am HOLY EUCHARIST in Christ Church
(p.154); 5pm ZOOM EVENING PRAYER; Wednesday 2 June (Thanksgiving for the Holy
Communion transferred) 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST in Christ Church (p.312); Sunday 6
June (Trinity 1) 9.15am FAMILY EUCHARIST in Christ Church; 5pm ZOOM EVENING
PRAYER; Wednesday 9 June (St Barnabas transferred) 10.30am (p.250).Please contact
ROSEMARY BOWEN (English services) or MALCOLM JONES (gwasanaethau Cymraeg) to
ensure a place at Sunday services in church. The Reverend Delyth Richards can provide
information about Llangunnor services. I can let you know about services at
Llannewydd/Newchurch. Canon Patrick

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