Dear friends,
This Sunday the Reverend Kristie Godden-Griffiths will be celebrating the Holy Eucharist for
the first time at 9.15am in Christ Church. On Saturday she was ordained priest at St David’s
Cathedral by Bishop Wyn Evans (Bishop Joanna is taking a month’s sick leave, on the advice
of her doctor). Kristie has already been a great blessing to our congregations for quite a long
time, but, as a priest, she will now be able to bless everyone and everything officially. She
has kindly asked me to be the preacher at her First Celebration. It has been a huge privilege
for me to be her mentor. Kristie has the gift of brightening up all our lives, and helping to
train her has certainly brightened up the final phase of my ministry.
“The only good Vicar is the last one or the next one” (old saying). Delyth tells me that
several people have asked about my final services. My last Welsh service in Christ Church
will be on Sunday 8 August at 11am and my last English service in Christ Church on Sunday
15 August at 9.15am. I never cease to be amazed by the patience with which you have put
up with me for the past twenty years, and the kindness which you have shown to Helen and
our family. I shall miss you all, though no doubt we shall occasionally bump into each other
whenever Helen sends me out to do the shopping, or when I’ve escaped to have a quiet
coffee in the corner of a café somewhere. And you will always be in my prayers.
Holy Bric-a-brac/Trugareddau Over the years I’ve acquired a huge variety of sacred bits and
bobs, many of them from different corners of the world. I’ve already offloaded some of
them on Delyth and Kristie. Helen has now insisted on a clear-out of everything that doesn’t
have some special personal link, as our new home is much smaller than the vicarage. I shall
therefore put my surplus holy bric-a-brac on a table in the choir vestry, where people can
have a look on the way out. Please help yourself to any items that take your fancy (the more
the better), as souvenirs of your departing vicar. If you feel like making a small donation to
Christ Church, a plate will be provided. All surplus items will go to a charity shop.
SERVICES: Sunday 27 June (Trinity 4: Kristie’s first celebration) 9.15am HOLY EUCHARIST in
church (p.165); 11yb CYMUN BENDIGAID ar ZOOM (t.165); 5pm ZOOM EVENING PRAYER;
Wednesday 30 June (St Peter transferred) 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST in church (p.165);
Sunday 5 July (Trinity 5) 9.15am FAMILY EUCHARIST in church (special readings); 5pm
ZOOM EVENING PRAYER; Wednesday 7 July 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST in church (p.167).
Please contact ROSEMARY BOWEN (English services) or MALCOLM JONES (gwasanaethau
Cymraeg) to ensure a place at services in church. The Reverend Delyth Richards can
provide information about Llangunnor services. I can let you know about services at
Llannewydd/Newchurch. Canon Patrick

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