Dear friends,
For my final Family Eucharist this Sunday, Mrs Val Kirby asked me to write a last Cosmo the
Christ Church Cat story which would include the names of all the nineteen children who
attend our Sunday School/Small Church. Desperation eventually turned to inspiration, and if
you would like to hear the result, please book a place with Rosemary for our 9.15 service.
Cosmo made his first appearance at the morning Harvest Festival Eucharist in 2001 (which
makes him about 140 in cat years – even older than his biographer). “I see you’ve got an
Evensong guest preacher, but who is preaching the Harvest sermon in the morning?” Mrs
Long asked. “Me,” I replied. “I’m going to tell a story about a cat.” She looked distinctly
unimpressed, but changed her mind when she actually heard the story (I’d included her as
one of the characters – we vicars are a crafty lot).
Cosmo’s fame grew. Many people were under the impression that he was a real cat, rather
than a papier-mâché facsimile. “I saw your Vicar this morning,” a woman on the Terrace
remarked to Mrs Long. “He was on his way down to the church to feed the cat” (in reality, I
was just going there to say my prayers). Perhaps the ultimate accolade came when, at the
request of the children, Cosmo and I were included in the mural in the Model School Hall.
Some members of the choir rescued Colin the Corgi from a skip, and sneaked him into the
church. In my stories he proved a fruitful foil to Cosmo, but Mrs Long (despite her fondness
for dogs) never took to him. Whenever I was in residence at the Cathedral, or off on a trip to
Armenia or the Holy Land, Colin would mysteriously disappear. On my return I would
eventually track him down, but I was always afraid that he would somehow end up back in a
skip. I once dreamed of becoming a distinguished theologian or a renowned spiritual guru.
Instead, I ended up writing mildly improbable stories about a cat and a corgi which, on
reflection, was probably much more fun. God has a delightful sense of humour.
Services: Sunday 25 July Sunday 1 August (Trinity 9 / Lammas Day) 9.15am FAMILY
EUCHARIST in church; Wednesday 4 August (Transfiguration transferred) HOLY EUCHARIST
in church (p.262); Sunday 8 August (Trinity / Drindod 10) 9am ZOOM EUCHARIST (p.178);
11yb CYMUN BENDIGAID yn yr eglwys – fy ngwasanaeth Cymraeg olaf (t.178); Wednesday
11 August (St Clare of Assisi) 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST in church (p.283); Sunday 15
August (Mary, Mother of Our Lord) 9.15am HOLY EUCHARIST in church – my final English
service (p.264). Please contact ROSEMARY BOWEN (English services) or MALCOLM JONES
(gwasanaethau Cymraeg) to ensure a place at services in church. The Reverend Delyth
Richards can provide information about the Zoom Evening Prayer at 5pm on Sundays
(which has sometimes had to be cancelled recently) and about Llangunnor services. I can
let you know about services at Llannewydd/Newchurch. Canon Patrick

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