Canon Patricks 64th Newsletter

Dear friends,
Christ Church seems to have acquired a black and white church cat, which has found itself a
convenient cwtsh outside near the choir vestry door, from where (to Rosemary’s delight) it
can attack marauding mice. Our venerable papier-mâché Cosmo the Christ Church Cat is
(like his vicar) looking a bit decrepit these days, and dreaming of retirement, so he’s
probably not too worried about this unexpected encroachment onto his territory.

Thinking of Cosmo reminds me of the three books of stories that I’ve written about him –
not to mention the five other books of mine that have appeared since I came to Christ
Church. ‘Of making many books there is no end…’ as the author of Ecclesiastes remarked
wearily. I’m just putting the finishing touches to a collection of highly improbable stories to
raise money for the Cathedral Library, and have promised the Welsh Armenians a book to
raise funds for the tragic victims of the recent war in Nagorno-Karabakh. There’s also
another nearly finished volume that I’ve been working on for several years.

Which begs the question, where on earth do I find time for my vicaring? The answer is best
provided by Helen, my lovely wife, who makes sure that I don’t neglect my prayers and my
church duties (and also carefully administers the endless tablets that supposedly keep me
alive – twelve a day at the last count), and whose heroic care for our youngest daughter is a
constant source of inspiration and admiration. And then there are all of you, our wonderful
church family, whose patience and kindness towards your always vague and increasingly
dotty old canon over so many years never ceases to amaze me.

Because of Covid restrictions, only the children will receive Christingles at our annual Advent
Sunday family service on 29 November this year. The oranges have generously been
donated by ‘Fruits of Eden’ on the market (a good reason to support them when you next
pass their stall). Perhaps (for safety reasons) the Midnight Mass may have to be on Zoom
rather than in Church this Christmas. Please let me know your views about this. There will
still be a Christmas Eve Crib Service (with ‘Chocolate Nativity’) in Church and an 8am Cymun
Gwawr y Nadolig / Christmas Dawn Communion in Church.

SERVICES: Wednesday 18 November 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST; Sunday 22 November
PRAYER (Llangunnor at 11am).

To book seats and in case of Zoom difficulties please get in
touch with Kristie, Rosemary Bowen, Malcolm Jones, or myself (Delyth is on leave at
present). Let me know of anyone who would value a phone call, and I’ll do my best to oblige.
The annual Local Ministry Area Vestry is on Zoom on 26 November at 7pm. Please e-mail by 19 November if you wish to attend. Canon Patrick

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