Dear friends,
Because we have had to close Christ Church over Christmas all services will be on Zoom, and
we have had to abandon this year’s Angel Service. This is particularly poignant at a time
when many people have lost loved ones, or are kept apart from them at Christmas by the
Covid restrictions. One answer is to have your own private Angel Service moment at home.
Put an angel or angels on the Christmas Tree (if you haven’t got any angel decorations,
make them out of paper) or light a candle (or candles) in a safe place. As you do so, say your
own special prayer for the person or people that you are missing this Christmastime.

However, thanks to members of our church of a wide range of ages, all is still not lost. Mrs
Val Kirby and her team have prepared a ZOOM NATIVITY PLAY EUCHARIST (this Sunday 20
December at 11am), while Mr Mike Kirby has arranged a ZOOM NINE LESSONS & CAROLS
(this Sunday at 5pm). I am extremely grateful to them and to our organist Mr Meirion Wynn
Jones. If you are really desperate, you can also catch a glimpse of me chatting to Huw
Edwards about St Nicholas on a Christmas ‘Dechrau Canu, Dechrau Canmol’ (this Sunday
7.30pm on S4C). (For expert advice on connecting with Zoom please contact the Reverend
Delyth Richards or the Reverend Kristie Godden-Griffiths).

A mid-week ZOOM EUCHARIST will take place at 10.30am on December 23 rd (a day which
my children always used to call ‘Christmas Adam’, as it came just before Christmas Eve. The
Reverend Delyth Richards is putting together a ZOOM CHOCOLATE NATIVITY SERVICE (5pm
on CHRISTMAS EVE) and there will be a ZOOM MIDNIGHT MASS (11.30pm on CHRISTMAS
be at 8am on CHRISTMAS DAY. There will also be a ZOOM EUCHARIST at 9am on St John
the Evangelist’s Day (Sunday 27 December). We’re doing our best, but at some time over
the next few days I shall probably remark to my enthusiastic new curate, “It’s Christmas,
Kristie, but not as we know it!”

As there will now be no Christmas services in church, there can be no retiring collections for
our Christmas Appeal. However, because the causes being supported are so important, the
Appeal will still go ahead. I suggest that, if possible, we might each consider putting money
aside for the Appeal, which can then be gathered together once services restart in church.
The contributions will be divided between the Salvation Army’s work with the homeless in
Wales, and a reliable Armenian charity’s aid to the many refugees and other victims
suffering terribly as a result of the recent disastrous war in Nagorno-Karabakh. I have
already received one extremely generous donation towards the Appeal. Canon Patrick

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