Dear friends,
This Sunday (because of Christ Church’s Armenian connections), we are going to celebrate
‘Theophany’, the Armenian festival which combines Christmas, Epiphany and the Baptism of
Christ. This was the custom of fourth century Christians in Jerusalem, and the Armenians
have preserved it. Some years ago, Bishop Hovakim Manoukyan, the Armenian Primate of
Britain baptised baby Lauren Torosyan at Christ Church in what was only the second time
that Theophany had been celebrated in Wales. Armenian services often go on for several
hours, but I promise to keep to our usual time limit, though I will add in a translated
Armenian Theophany prayer and blessing.

Mr Peter Evans was a kindly and delightful person. He was brought up in Llanbadarn Church,
but became a Welsh Methodist on his marriage. After the loss of his wife and the closure of
Bethania Chapel, Peter decided to come to Christ Church and quickly became at home with
us. Like several from our church, he was an enthusiastic member of Probus. Kristie our
curate provided him with much valued pastoral care and support during his final illness.
Peter’s family have asked her to conduct his funeral at Aberystwyth crematorium, which I
know she will do with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Peter was a true gŵr bonheddig, and
we extend our sincere sympathy to his family and friends in their bereavement.

There are two women whom I dare not disobey. One is Helen my wife, and the other is
Rosemary our Church Council secretary. Both of them have given me strict orders to take a
break (my last holiday was for a fortnight in February last year). They apparently have
become aware that I’ve been distinctly lacking in zing for the past few months. A clue may
have been provided by the number of mistakes and misprints in these newsletters, which
have increased at a disturbing rate, for which I apologise. I shall therefore be officially
absent from Tuesday 19 January to Monday 1 February. Not only will you be spared my
ramblings, but Delyth, Kristie, Mike and Andrew will care for you with characteristic
kindness. How does one have a holiday in a lockdown? I shall probably gaze at the picture of
Mount Ararat above my desk and my overactive imagination will whisk me off to Armenia…

ZOOM EUCHARIST (readings p.41 from Christmas Day); 11yb CYMUN ZOOM CYMRAEG
(darlleniadau t.47 o Ddydd Gŵyl yr Ystwyll); 5pm ZOOM EVENSONG; Wednesday 13 January (St
ILAR’S DAY) 10.30am ZOOM EUCHARIST (readings, p.287); Sunday 17 January (EPIPHANY 2) 9am
ZOOM EUCHARIST (readings, p. 53); 5pm ZOOM EVENSONG; Wednesday 20 January 10.30am
ZOOM EUCHARIST (readings, p.53) . Canon Patrick

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