Dear friends,
I’ve just broadcast a ‘Weekend Word’ on Radio Wales about (among other things) the
cheerful Armenian Easter celebrations that we used to have in Christ Church back in pre-
Covid times, involving honey cakes and coloured hard-boiled egg smashing contests. It says
a lot about the welcoming nature of our church that Armenian visitors have always felt so
welcome among us (as well as making a regular and generous contribution to our finances).
The disastrous 40-day war between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh
has left a great many ethnic Armenians, including children, displaced and homeless.

You may remember that our Christmas Appeal was intended to be divided between the
Salvation Army and an Armenian project to help the refugees. As our closure at Christmas
meant that it was not possible to gather all the contributions, we are extending the Appeal
to cover Lent and Easter (in the growing hope that we shall re-open before too long).
Since my illness I have found it quite difficult to finish writing new books. I’ve got a complete
draft of a book of stories that needs tidying up, two other books that are missing a final
chapter, and one long-promised book for the Armenians. which is my Lenten project this
year. Still, I’ve just received an order for 6 copies of Cosmo the Christ Church Cat! A much
more successful and gifted writer is our very own Julie Ma, whose award-winning novel,
Happy Families, was published this week. I’ve got a copy on Kindle for me, and a paperback
for Helen (who, as a trained librarian, only reads ‘real’ books). A review will follow shortly.
Thank you to Delyth for starting off the ‘Holy Habits’ Lent Course on Ash Wednesday. From
now on it will be on Thursdays at 7pm because of Kristie’s academic commitments.

SERVICES and OTHER IMPORTANT OCCASIONS (all on Zoom): Sunday 21 February (LENT 1) 9am
HOLY EUCHARIST (readings, p.77); 5pm EVENING PRAYER; Tuesday 23 February 7pm LOCAL
MINISTRY AREA COUNCIL; Wednesday 24 February 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST (readings, p.343);
Thursday 25 February 7pm LENT COURSE; Sunday 28 February (ST DAVID/DEWI SANT) 9am ST
(darlleniadau t.241); 5pm EVENING PRAYER. The Mothers Union ‘Wave of Prayer’ takes place
at 1pm on Thursday 25 February. Material will be provided for members to take part in their
own homes. This year Christ Church is also hosting the ecumenical ‘World Day of Prayer’
(formerly the ‘Women’s World Day of Prayer’) on Zoom on Friday 5 March. Delyth will be
welcoming people to the Welsh service at 11am, and Kristie will welcome them to the
English service at 2pm. Canon Patrick

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