Dear friends,
‘It is my mind’s desire to see the face of God’ wrote an early Irish hermit in a prayer-poem
that has accompanied me throughout my ministry. For most Christians, I would imagine,
‘the face of God’ is the face of the risen Jesus Christ. It certainly is for me. For almost
seventeen years I would spend the first part of each day in prayer in the little church in
Brechfa, gazing at the stained-glass east window. It showed the risen Christ with St Teilo and
St John the Baptist standing on either side of him.

The face of Christ, as portrayed by the artist, was gentle, compassionate, welcoming and
kind. He watched over my joys and sorrows, my foolishness and frustrations, my frequent
disasters and my rare moments of insight and understanding. In retrospect, his patience
with such a flawed disciple never ceases to amaze me. Although there were sometimes
occasions when, in anger, disappointment or self-pity, I wanted to turn my back on him, he
never turned his back on me. And because of that I am sure that his face will be the one that
ultimately welcomes me into the joy and light of eternity, where all hurts are healed, all
tears are dried, and we finally become the people God originally intended us to be,
reflecting his image of love.

Many thanks to Delyth and Kristie for the wonderful way in which they have been leading
this year’s ‘Holy Habits’ Lent Course on Zoom. Meanwhile, I am ’moonlighting’ (though only
on a small scale). Our former curate, the Reverend Wyn Maskell, has asked me to do a Zoom
session for his LMA Lent Course, while the Reverend Jean Voyle-Williams (who helped us
out on many occasions over the years) has made a similar request on behalf of Llanddarog
Mothers Union. In emergencies, as some of you may know from past experience, my default
mode is to give a talk about the Prophet Jonah (with whom I have a shameful amount in
common). Hopefully the faithful of Bro Aeron and the ladies of Llanddarog will find it a
wonderfully new and exciting, while you can all be thankful that you’ve got Delyth and

ZOOM SERVICES: Wednesday 10 March 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST (p.359); Thursday 11
March 7pm ‘HOLY HABITS’ LENT COURSE; Sunday 14 March (Mothering Sunday/Sul y Fam)
FAM (t.85); 5pm EVENING PRAYER; Wednesday 17 March (St Patrick’s Day) 10.30am HOLY
EUCHARIST (p.287); Thursday 18 March 7pm ‘HOLY HABITS’ LENT COURSE; Sunday 21
March (Passion Sunday) 9am HOLY EUCHARIST (p.88); 5pm EVENING PRAYER.
Canon Patrick

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