Dear friends,
It was a typical Brechfa Palm Sunday. We’d borrowed a donkey, and set off in a procession
from the forestry houses through the village, with the children singing cheerfully and waving
palm branches. There was a slight hiatus at the T-junction by the Post Office. One road led
on to the church, the other led towards the donkey’s field. The donkey decided that he’d
had enough, and tried to head for home. Donkeys are, of course, famed for their
stubbornness, but eventually we succeeded in steering him in the right direction.

Leaving the donkey outside the church, the children trooped up to the altar to deposit their
palm branches and collect their palm crosses, and took their places in the front pews. Nicky
and Danny, two of the liveliest small characters, looked with interest at their new
acquisitions, and quickly turned them into swords, shouting ‘Kill! Kill!’ as they turned on
each other. The riot was swiftly quelled before it could spread, but, reflecting on it later, I
couldn’t help thinking that their reaction mirrored the behaviour of the Jerusalem mob
during the first Holy Week. After all, the same people who shouted ‘Hosanna!’ and
welcomed Jesus as a king on Palm Sunday, yelled ‘Crucify him!” on Good Friday.

The themes of fickleness and faithfulness are interwoven in the events that we shall live
through during the coming week. The Jerusalem crowd was fickle, but so were the male
apostles. Even poor old Peter denied his Lord three times before the cockerel crowed and
he realised how shamefully he had let down the person he loved most. The faithfulness of
the women near the foot of the Cross put the other disciples (with the possible exception of
St John) to shame. But the supreme example of loving faithfulness is that of Jesus himself
giving his life for his friends (including you and me).

ZOOM SERVICES: Sunday 28 March (Palm Sunday/Sul y Blodau) 9am PALM SUNDAY
EUCHARIST (special readings); 11yb CYMUN SUL Y BLODAU (t.91); 5pm EVENING PRAYER;
Wednesday in Holy Week 31 March 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST; Maundy Thursday 1 April
6.30pm ZOOM AGAPE & MAUNDY THURSDAY ADDRESS; Good Friday 2 April 10.30am
EUCHARIST (p.121) in Christ Church (services in Llangynnwr and Newchurch at 11am), 5yh
ZOOM HWYROL WEDDI; Wednesday in Easter Week 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST in Christ
Church (p.126). Sunday 11 April (Easter 1/Y Pasg Bychan) 9am ZOOM EUCHARIST; 11yb
CYMUN BENDIGAID (t.129) yn Eglwys Crist; 5pm ZOOM EVENING PRAYER. Seats are very
limited because of social distancing, so please contact ROSEMARY BOWEN (English
services) & MALCOLM JONES (gwasanaethau Cymraeg) asap.

Canon Patrick

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