Dear friends,
A recent survey revealed a fascinating discrepancy between popular images of God in the
United States and Britain. Americans it seems, see God as bearing a remarkable
resemblance to the smooth entrepreneur Elon Musk. The British, on the other hand, cling to
the traditional view of God as an old man with a beard (strictly speaking both are wrong –
but I’d better not get bogged down in a theological argument). A small child in the Model
School, when I was over there last week, clearly clung to the traditional idea. “Mrs Smith,”
he remarked in awe-struck tones, “God is here!” To which another young voice responded
dismissively, “That’s not God – that’s Canon Patrick!”

Actually, I was supposed to be representing Moses in the school’s annual re-enactment of
the Crossing of the Red Sea. Twenty years ago, Mrs Daphne Evans, the then head-teacher,
decided that there wasn’t much point in having a bearded vicar if you didn’t make full use of
him. I was given the role and (apart from one year when was in hospital and last year when
the pandemic caused a cancellation) I’ve been Moses ever since. Last week’s Crossing was
my final performance. I have had several wonderful Aarons assisting me, and some over-
enthusiastic Pharaohs, who got so carried away shouting ‘No!’ to the question “Will you let
my people go?” that even the appalling tenth plague didn’t succeed in shifting them. The
climax always comes at the Red Sea (part of the playground) where the younger children
(Israelites) escape to safety, and watch gleefully as their pursuers (Egyptians in suitable
home-made head-dresses) enjoy drowning dramatically. A good time is had by all, and I’m
assured that no Model School child ever forgets the story of Moses.

ZOOM SERVICES: Wednesday 24 March (The Annunciation transferred) 10.30am HOLY
EUCHARIST (p.243); Thursday 25 March 7pm HOLY HABITS’ LENT COURSE; Sunday 28
March (Palm Sunday/Sul y Blodau) 9am PALM SUNDAY EUCHARIST (special readings);
11yb CYMUN SUL Y BLODAU (t.91); 5pm EVENING PRAYER; Wednesday in Holy Week 31
March 10.30am HOLY EUCHARIST; Maundy Thursday 1 April 6.30pm ZOOM AGAPE and
2pm THE LAST HOUR ON THE CROSS. We are hoping to hold an EASTER EUCHARIST in
CHRIST CHURCH at 9.15am on EASTER DAY (and services in Llangynnwr and Newchurch at
11am), and an EASTER WEEK EUCHARIST on the Wednesday in church at 10.30am. There
will be a Welsh Eucharist in church on the following Sunday (Y PASG BYCHAN) at 11am.
Seats are very limited because of social distancing, so please contact ROSEMARY BOWEN
(English services) & MALCOLM JONES (gwasanaethau Cymraeg) asap.

Canon Patrick

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