Sunday School

Sunday School


The Sunday School is a well-established part of the weekly worship in Christ Church.
The Small Church has been created for the younger children.

The Sunday School/Small Church is the responsibility of the Superintendent, Mrs Valerie
Kirby, who is ably assisted by a number of parishioners/parents within the Church. The
children/young people go into the hall and the church office to have their instruction
during the first part of the 9.15am service. They rejoin the rest of the congregation for
the eucharist. All those baptised are able to receive communion wafers, while those who
have been confirmed receive both the bread and the wine.

Lessons and activities are tailored by the leaders depending on the ages of the
children/young people in the group. The first Sunday of every month is a family service
and the children/young people stay with the congregation and prepare readings and
prayers for the service. One of the young people carries the cross and they are also
responsible for collecting the weekly contributions and the elements for the eucharist.

A great deal of the work done by the children/young people of the Sunday School /Small
Church is shown in the hall and on the display board in Church.

The Sunday School/Small Church is a vibrant part of the weekly worship in Christ
Church and children can be assured of a happy, safe place in which to begin their
church lives.